Toca Mountable Percussion Tray - Small

Toca Mountable Percussion Tray - Small

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. Easily attached to the vertical tubes of most percussion stands, this all-purpose tray keeps handheld instruments like shakers or tambourines arranged and within close reach. Drum set players will also find it equally useful as a handy drumstick and drink holder when mounted from a hi-hat or crash cymbal stand.

Like all Toca hardware, it’s built to last, with 360-degree raised edges surrounding a textured-surface liner to keep loose instruments secure and in place during performances. The tray’s compact size makes it a cinch to put it exactly where it needs to go and, combined with its black motif, helps it blend into the background from the audience’s perspective.

Compact Black Percussion Tray

Easily mounts to most stands

Tray features texture liner and raised edge to protect accessories from falling off

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