• What is the warranty?

    Toca products carry the following warranties:

    • Limited Edition & Custom Deluxe Series: 3-Year Limited
    • Pro Line Timbales: 3-Year Limited
    • Traditional & Elite Pro Series: 3-Year Limited
    • Toca Player's Series Drums: 1-Year Limited
    • Toca Hand Percussion: 1-Year Limited
    • Toca Player's Series Hand Percussion: 90 days
    • Toca Synergy Djembes: 3 month limited on shell and head

    See full warranty information

  • How do I take care of my drums?

    Please visit our Tips and Advice section.

  • How do I change my conga/bongo heads?

    Please click here to download Toca's "Fitting Pre-mounted Heads" PDF file.

  • I have a rope tuned djembe. How do I adjust the ropes to tune the djembe?

    Please view our online video lesson, "Introduction to Djembe Tuning by Michael Wimberly."

  • How can I tell which are the correct replacement models for my current conga/bongo heads?

    There are a variety of ways to find the replacement head model number.

    1. There should be a sticker on the underside of the color of your head that has the model number.
    2. There is a sticker near the bottom of the inside of the shell of your drum that has the replacement head model number.
    3. For information on replacement parts, please download Toca's Spare Part guide in PDF.
  • Where do I go for replacement parts?

    All Toca replacement parts are available from any Toca dealer. Please visit your local dealer for availability and price. You can find a Toca dealer in your area by using our dealer search.