Shell Protectors
Shell Protectors

Shell Protectors


  • Worldwide Distribution

In the world of percussion, protection is paramount—for your beloved instruments, your fellow bandmates' gear, and the surfaces that serve as the stage for your performances. Toca's Shell Protectors are engineered to safeguard against potential damage, ensuring the longevity of your instruments and the preservation of your performance environment.

The Shell Protectors serve as a shield, preventing collisions that could lead to scratches, dents, or damage to the surface. Whether in the midst of an energetic performance or while transporting your instruments, these protectors offer a robust defense against unwanted wear and tear. 

Shell Protectors come standard on Custom Deluxe and Signature Series congas.


  • Prevents collisions

  • Minimizes scratches, dents, or damage to conga surface

  • Robust defense against unwanted wear and tear

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