Vincent Sebastian

Vincent Sebastian

Vincent Sebastian, OYOBI

Vincent'ís career as a music producer and percussionist is founded upon a vast depth of knowledge about Latin American folkloric sound and rhythm and a passion for music technology, creativity, spirituality, innovative events, and performance. His accolades include a vast career performing alongside artists such as Santana, Seun Kuti, Ricky Martin, Los Amigos Invisibles, Los Van Van, Katy Perry, and Earth Wind and Fire, and working at some of the most prominent local and international festivals. He creates music events which specialize in global sounds, music technology, and integrated genres, and leads the innovative electronic music group OYOBI, which incorporates machine performance with folkloric rhythms and whose debut release was number #1 on the Traxsource Afro-Latin charts. He has produced records and remixes for artists such as Pepe Citarrela, Jorge Montiel, Myles Bigalow, Qvln, Barrio Lindo while also releasing music on various global labels such as Imagenes UK, Prison Records (UK), Vamos (Fr), and Atjazz record Company (UK). He is also a PHD researcher whose work investigates music-based spiritual practices and their global diffusion and development. This research is important for understanding how music practice produces well-being, knowledge, and social cohesion which Vincent explores in his own music, performances, and creative projects.


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