Steve Benedetto

Steve Benedetto

Steve Benedetto, Respectful Beats

In 2015, Steve Benedetto was working as a server in the dining room of a nearby retirement home. His manager, who knew he was a drummer, asked him if he would be willing to teach a drumming class to the residents. The very first class had more than fifty enthusiastic and appreciative residents who later made this class a part of their weekly routine. It was in that moment Respectful Beats™ was born. Each time the Activities Director put the sign-up sheet out, it quickly filled, with excitement and an accompanying smile.

Steve designed a regular rhythm based workshop for this lively group and modified and expanded the class content, honoring the range of abilities and each song request. With an extensive song library, from polkas to Pearl Jam…no two workshops are alike. He is always coming up with creative and inspiring ways to engage everyone.

Once he realized that drumming was also having positive health benefits (physical strength, focus, lifting moods, and fostering new friendships, to name a few), Steve started offering his workshops to other nearby retirement communities and to adults and children: individually, at assemblies, places of worship, social get-togethers and more! To date, Respectful Beats is proudly celebrating 5 years of success. 

Since the age of 5, Steve always dreamed that his love of drumming would find purpose beyond just being a hobby or a talent. That dream is now a reality. Respectful Beats™ is growing daily, and has performed at several retirement communities, Universities, and Schools throughout New England. Additionally, he has made a name for himself at Memory Caf√©s and when individually teaching and mentoring students of all ages. His most recent success and one that he is most proud of is his development of an online educational platform for learning drums.

Steve hopes to pass along his recipe for success to more drummers who also want to make a difference. He is currently training others the "Respectful Beats" way. The changes he sees in the mind/body connection has been, as he describes "simply empowering!"

Steve resides in the Boston area and in addition to his work with Respectful Beats, he is a sought after drummer in the New England area. It is not very often you meet someone who has the innate ability to connect with such a diverse range of abilities, needs and aspirations. As a lifelong learner…he will be instrumental should you choose to join him on this journey, as a student, a business partner or for your community.