Ramon ”El Leon” Gonzalez

Ramon ”El Leon” Gonzalez

Ramon ”El Leon” Gonzalez,  Rosario Flores

Ramón Gonzàlez, also known as "El Leon", was born in 1965 in Havana. He studied at the National Art School and graduated in 1984. He has attended the Jazz Plaza International Festival in Havana several times. In 1988 he worked as a bass guitarist in the "Or√∫" band, conducted by Cuban composer and guitarist Sergio Vitier, along with excellent musicians such as Guillermo Barretto and Merceditas Vald√©s. He was a member of the Sendas team led by the great musician and bassist Pedro Luis Martinez. He also participated as a percussionist with Pedro Izquierdo (Pello in Afroc√°n), a band member of Mosambique.

In 1989, he made recordings with the Cuban "Los Papines" percussion team. Two years later, under the direction of Joaquin Betancour, he formed part of "Opus 13" as a drummer. In 1992, he started a Spanish tour with the "Col√©, Col√©" band, attended the 92nd Expo and worked with the Cuban singer H√©ctor Valent√≠n. In 1994 he was granted permanent residency in Spain and even attended the OTI festival. He collaborated with the Andalusian rock band "Mezquita" in C√≥rdoba, as well as with C√≥rdoba singer and composer Luis Medina, with whom he recorded several recordings. In 1996, he joined the "Cu-Bop" Latin-Jazz team based in Granada, under the direction of Luis Poyatos, with whom he traveled throughout Spain. 1997 was highlighted by a long-standing gig with Javier Ruival, a singer-songwriter. In 1998 he made recordings with the "El Barrio" and "Cana de Lomo" teams of Cadiz, and became a member of the "Flaming Fusion Team" called "Ketama" with whom he participated in Midem Latino in Miami. He moved to Madrid and took part in the recordings with Viejo Trova Santiaguera, Reinaldo Creach singers, and joined the  Latin Jazz "La Calle Caliente" and "Conexiones" teams led by renowned Miguel Angel Blanco and Joshua Edelman.

In 1999 he became a member of "Gipsy Kings", "Chico Castillo" and "Gipsy Sound", as a drummer. In later years he collaborated with several national and international artists. In Spain, he co-operated with the following prominent artists: Antonio Carmona, Tamara, Jos√© Merc√©, Lolita, Caco Senante, Diego de Cigala, M√≥nica Naranjo, Melendi, Sole Gim√©nez and Chonchi Heredia. Among the international artists he has performed with are Omara Portuondo, Paulina Rubio, Jos√© Luis Rodriguez, El Puma, and Luis Enriquie Mej√≠a. In the Jazz and Latin Jazz segments he worked with artists such as Barry Harrys, Jose Luis Quintana, Marc Antony, Jimmy Bosch, Steve Turre and many others. He was invited to participate in the making of Tito Duarte's last recording of "La Herencia del Viejo Sabor". He has also recorded with artists like Jos√© Luis Quintana "Changuito" and Guillermo Rubalcaba. As a musician, he participated in Fernando True's film "The Shaggy Magic". He shared the stage during Pearl masterclasses with Steve Ferrone, Omar Hakim and Billy Cobham. Since 2001, he has been a member of the Rosario Flores team, with whom he has started and recorded several world tours, such as "Parte de mi", in which he collaborated with Lola, Antonio Carmona, La Mari de Chambao, Paulina Rubio, Coti y el Cigala. A number of these recordings have won Latin Grammys. test


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