Luisier Rivera

Luisier Rivera

Rivera, Guasábara Combo

Luisier Rivera Concepción was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico on August 26, 1985, the son of Luis Rivera and Nayda Concepción. He grew up in Puerto Rico listening and watching his father who was a percussionist/musician, so the attraction to music was inevitable.

At the age of 11 he decided to practice and try to imitate his father. Later at the age of 13 he began playing the congas at the Catholic Church, Our Lady of Health of the Higuillar neighborhood in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Luisier began playing professionally at Tommy Sanchez'í Sexteto Saboren. From there he joined the Abran Paso Orchestra, where he learned more about music and surrounded himself with the great masters of music in the Boricua salsero atmosphere.

At the age of 22 he played bongos in Sammy Garc√≠a'ís orchestra, El Sabor de Puerto Rico. It was under the tutelage of the master conguero and conductor, Sammy Garc√≠a, that Luisier became known as a professional percussionist.

In 2014 he joined up with the group Guas√°bara Combo, led by the pianist master, music director and producer Jos√© M. Lugo. In this outfit, Luisier showed hid chops as a conguero and in 2015 recorded the conga parts heard on the recording, Where They Are (2015, Guas√°bara Combo). The album was nominated for album of the year at the 17th Latin Grammy Awards and won the Grammy for Best Latin Tropical Album in 2016. Also during this period, Luisier worked with salsa artists and orchestras such as, Ismael Miranda, Tito Allen, Adalberto Santiago, Cheo Feliciano, Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, Mulenze Orchestra, Raphy Leavitt'ís La Selecta Orchestra, Humberto Ram√≠rez, Piro Rodr√≠guez, NG2, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Jos√© Alberto El Canario, Camilo Azuquita, Andy Monta√±ez, Maelo Ruiz, Herm√°n Oliveras, Johnny Rivera, Charlie Aponte, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico , Sergio George and Marc Anthony.

Luisier has recorded on the following record productions: Por Buen Camino (2007, Orquesta El Sabor de Puerto Rico); Now is My Time (2011, Wito Colón); Objective (2011, Orchestra El Sabor de Puerto Rico); Where They Are (2015, Guasábara Combo); Looking for Bullets (2019, Guasábara Combo); and Back for the Lap (2020, Daddy Yankee & Marc Anthony).

Luisier is currently completing his studies for a bachelor'ís degree in Percussion from the Department of Popular Music of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. On top of that he continues to work as a percussionist for Charlie Aponte Orchestra, Guas√°bara Combo and Orquesta N'íKlabe. His mentors in music are Sammy Garc√≠a, Freddy Rivera, Richie Bastar, Pablo Pad√≠n, Jos√© M. Lugo, Ra√∫l Rodr√≠guez, Andrew L√°zaro, David Marcano, H√©ctor Matos and Patricio "Chino" D√≠az.