KOKO Escalante

KOKO Escalante

KOKO Escalante, Tito Nieves

Jorge "KOKO" Escalante was born in the port city of Callao, Peru. He has 31 year as a musical percussionist, starting his career in Peru with "Saraguey", one of the best musical groups in the country at the time. Later he became a member of the musical group "La Clave", headed by Alfonso Collantes, performing for many years. Following that, he joined "Mr. Roberto Blades, Sol Criollo" in a tour throughout Peru. In addition, he had the opportunity to be a member of the prestigious Colombian musical group "The Latin Brothers" in a tour encompassing all of Peru. In 1994 KOKO migrated to Japan, where he lived for 24 years, and started the band "Conquistando", recording their first production, El Cache y El Sabor. Soon after he went on tour with "Salso Swing Goza", directed by the former director of "Orquesta De La Luz Gen Ogimi". In 2009 KOKO travelled to Tampa, Florida, where he resides. 

He is currently playing with a number of bands such as "Solcaribe", "Naoka Jam" (directed by Tito De Gracia), "A&C La Banda" (nominated for Premio A Lo Nuestro), Larry Duran, and Sandy Silva. KOKO has also played with a large number of artists like Gilberto Santa Rosa, Frankie Negron, Jose Alberto El Canario, Jerry rivera, Alex Matos, Maelo Ruiz, Michael Stuart, Charlie Cruz, Lalo Rodriguez, Luisito Carrion, Conjunto Channey, Ray Sep√∫lveda, Andy Montanez, Paquito Guzman, Tito Rojas, Joe Arroyo, Edgar Joel, Anthony Colon, Anthony Cruz, Johnny Rivera, Alex Matos, David Kada and many more. His most recent gig is with the Tito Nieves group in central Florida. 

KOKO is a uniquely gifted percussionist, being able to master the three forms of percussion - conga, chimes and bongo. because of this versatility he can execute rhythms like salsa, cambia, bachata, merengue, pop and more! He has played on and produced records both nationally and internationally, as well as being on the staff or the Paris Recording Studio.


Facebook: facebook.com/JorgeKOKOEscalante

YouTube: youtube.com/conquistando