Kati Fernandes

Kati Fernandes

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Kati Fernandes is a native of Caracas, Venezuela. She began her musical studies at the age of 10 years at the Conservatory of Music Lino Gallardo, studying music theory, Choral Singing and Classical Guitar. Her early years devoted to the school choir at Our Lady of Fatima, where she stood out as one of the soloists, and was the winner of several awards. At the age of 13 years she entered the popular percussion workshop "House of Culture of Chacao", taught by Professor Neville Pichi Ainslie. There she learned elementary and advanced rhythms on congas, timbales and bongos. She also joined the orchestra of the House of Culture, where she first performed percussion live. At the age of 15 years old she joined the Samba group of Ateneo de Chacao, playing at carnivals and festivals in the town. She also entered the ranks of the female orchestra Latin Pop Girls, led by pianist Jennifer Leon.

When she turned 17 years she was hired as the percussionist and backing vocalist for renowned singer Ricardo Montaner. Over the course of 2001-2006 they performed five world tours in divers locales such as Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Bolivia, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, New York, Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington and New Jersey. She also played at major festivals in South America including Vi√±a Del Mar in Chile, 2001 and 2002 and the festival of Acapulco in Mexico in 2003. In 2005 she sang on the great Venezuelan singer Ilan Chestera's album "As√≠".

Recently she decided to go to to continue her percussion and vocal studies. Working with Venezuelan percussionist, Master Nene Quintero, she learned advanced techniques across all types of percussion. During this time, in an effort to expand her knowledge in her main instrument, the tumbadora, she also took workshops with master salsa percussionists Juan Pablo Barrios, Kiko Either Gonzalez and Edward Anton.

Not long after Kati began working as a percussionist and singer for big national artists such as Jeremiah, Divine, Roque Valero, Mariana Vega, Combolution, The big band of Michelle de Los Rios, Lady Sarao, Mirna Rios, Latin Jazz Big Band of Andy Duran, Somos tu y yo El musical, Victor Drija, Victor Mu√±oz, Omar Acedo Violeta Aleman, Eduardo Ron and Fondo Blanco, LsCuadron, El Forever, Los Cadillacs, Judy Buendia, Son Kribe√±as, Oscarcito, among others. She also played as a guest percussionist for the likes of Gerry Weill, Marisela Leal, Ilan Chester, Maire Martinez, Daniella Bascop√©, Servando y Florentino, Yordano, Victor Manuelle, Lenny, Gocho, Maffio, and Lasso, as guests.

Kati is currently living in the city of Miami, where she is a member of the Cupid band as a multi-percussionist for the television program Enamorandonos on the Univision network. In addition to to her TV duties she is collaborating as a percussionist and drummer with artists such as Natti Natasha, Beth Malone, Frank Quintero, DOYO by Juniors Entertainment and Oscarcito among others.


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