Juan Karlos

Juan Karlos

Juan Karlos, Sangre Nueva Band

Juan Karlos is a percussionist born in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, where he began playing music with experienced Cuban and Latin American musicians, Son 14 and Karachi De Santiago de Cuba.

After playing with various groups in Guadalajara, he formed his own group called "JazzSon" where he had the opportunity to accompany composer Vicente Garrido in 1996 and 1997 for a special tribute to Consuelo Velazquez, composer of "Bésame Mucho."

Since 2002 Juan Karlos has resided in Los Angeles, California (USA), a city that has allowed him to participate in presentations with such renowned artists as: Cheo Feliciano, Tito Gómez, Andy Montañez, Yolandita Rivera, Pedro Brull, Luigi Texidor, Alquimia, Wilson Manyoma of the Latin Brothers, Rey Ruiz, Luis, Damón, Luisito Carrión, Willie González, Victor Manuel, Marlon, Tony Vega, Johnny Rivera, Victoria Sanabria, Nino Segarra, Anthony Cruz, Tito Rojas, Henry Fiol and Alex León. He also played with Aleks Syntek, Ednita Nazario, José José, Luis Fonsi, Estéfano Jose Luis Rodriguez "El Puma" and José Feliciano; as well as for the Telemundo Award show:“Premios de la Gente” with Andrea Echeverri from the group, Aterciopelados.

Juan Karlos has showcased his talents on various stages and special events throughout the years. In 2006 he accompanied Ruben Blades for the Special Olympics directed musically by Maestro, Ángel Cuco Peña. One year later, he played in the most important award show for Christian music accompanying diverse artists from this genre. In 2008 he participated in the “Festival del Bolero” (“Bolero Festival”) of Los Angeles where he played with Lucho Gatica.

In 2011 he was invited to accompany Gilberto Santa Rosa and Johnny Ventura for the Latin Grammy'ís. In 2012 Juan Karlos played at the "Feria Internacional del Libro" ("International Book Fair") in Guadalajara, Mexico with the Orchestras of Ricardo Lemvo and Poncho Sanchez.

Juan Karlos has also played in Los Angeles with various groups including Yari Moré, Ricardo Lemvo, Tabaco y Ron, Opa Opa, Phil Robinson, Rudy Regalado, Adonis Puentes, Charanga Cubana and Angel Lebrón amongst others.

He also collaborated with Nike Fitness Academy and played for the "Show Fitness de Misty Tripoli" (Fitness Show with Misty Tripoli) performing in various countries including Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Belize and USA.

In October of 2013, Juan Karlos traveled to Beijing, China where he spent over a month and half producing a large scale Latin American Show with Canadian Entertainment Company, Azúcar Picante. Here, Juan Karlos used his creative talents to showcase and perform with talented musicians and dancers from Canada, France, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico at the 2013 Beijing International Garden Expo.

In 2015, Juan Karlos participated in celebrating the 473rd Anniversary of Guadalajara, Mexico at the Plaza Fundadores. He also imparted a key workshop entitled "Llena tu vida de Ritmo" ("Fill your life with rhythm") for the Secretary of Culture for the state of Jalisco at FESTA, the Festival of Arts of Jalisco, Mexico. For the span of a few years Juan Karlos was invited to facilitate a series of Latin Music workshops at the Henry Mancini Institute.

Currently, Juan Karlos is the leader and director of salsa band, Sangre Nueva and works for Harmony Project, a program that brings music education to the children of Los Angeles.

Sangre Nueva will be entering its 12th year of entertainment and "sabor!" with performances and collaborations over the years with various artists including Frankie Ruiz Jr. and Ismael Miranda among others. 


Website: sangrenuevaband.com

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