Giancarlo Rodriguez

Giancarlo Rodriguez

Giancarlo Rodriguez, Orquesta La Tremnda

Percussionist Giancarlo Rodriguez was born in Lima-Peru (Callao) on June 5, 1978. He began playing percussion at the tender age of five with the orchestra of his father the legendary Oswaldo Rodriguez. Giancarlo'ís first instrument was the trap drum set. Soon after starting his musical career Giancarlo became interested in other Latin percussion instruments and began to experiment with timbales, congas and bongos. At the age of twelve Giancarlo had the opportunity to play timbales with the legendary salsa orchestra El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico on one of the group'ís many visits to Callao, Peru. 

The stage was set for him to begin performing with some of the best salsa orchestras in Peru. These orchestras included La Sensual 990, Willie Rivera'ís orchestra as well as Peruvian salsa star Antonio Cartagena'ís orchestra. During his time with these well known groups Giancarlo was also able to accompany many legendary salsa artists during their tours through his native country of Peru such as Lalo Rodriguez, David Pabon, Eddie Santiago and Hildemaro. 

At this point he was recruited by and played with one of the most well known Colombian orchestras of the time, The Latin Brothers. This opportunity allowed Giancarlo to travel extensively throughout South America, and Europe as well as Spain and Italy. In the year 2000, Giancarlo was called upon once again by the Willie Rivera Orchestra to accompany them on a tour in the United States. It was then that Giancarlo was determined to continue his musical career and take it to the next level. 

Since arriving, the doors of opportunity started to open for Giancarlo; he had the pleasure to perform with some of the greatest percussionists in the salsa music scene such as: Eric Velez, Alex Acu√±a, Little Johnny Rivero, Ray Colon, Roberto Quintero, Juicy Velez, George Delgado, Tony Escapa, Alfredo De La Fe, Jimmy Bosch, Carlitos Soto, Lucho Cueto, Bobby Allende, to name a few. Giancarlo has also accompanied many of the legendary salsa artists that he grew up listening to in Peru, including huge names such as: Tony Vega, Jerry Rivera, Victor Manuel, Huey Dumbar, Ray Sapulveda, Ray de la Paz, Ismael Miranda, Frankie Negron, Tito Nieves, Edie Santiago, Brenda k star, La India, Willy Gonzales, Herman Olivera,Tito Allen, Frankie Vazquez, Julio Barreto, Charlie Cruz, Lalo Rodriguez, David Pabon, Cano Estremera, Hector Tricoche, Joe arroyo, Tito Puete Jr., Andy Montanez, Luisito Carrion, Oscar de Leon, Paquito Guzman, Jos√© Alberto El Canario, Charlie Cardona, Yolandita Rivera, Luigi Texidor, and many more. 

Currently living in the Washington, DC area Giancarlo'ís talent and skills are well known and in high demand. He is currently performing with his very own orchestra: La Tremenda where he gives his heart and soul while playing the timbales.