Felix Valverde

Felix Valverde


Felix Valverde is a Colombian percussionist, born in the city of Cali on March 29, 1981.

He began his musical studies at the age of 10 in the orchestra of the Antonio José Camacho school, by the hand of the singer Virgilio Hurtado (ex-singer of the Lebron

brothers) where he began to explore and express his passion for percussion. At the age of 15, he was part Los Del Caney Orchestra for 2 years.

Over the years he has participated in different tropical music groups alternating him with another passion… futbol/soccer.

Felix has recorded percussion for many different artists and groups nationally and internationally. He has also worked with different representative groups in the city of Cali, interpreting many Latin and Caribbean rhythms. He has been part of the Mr. Jimmy Saa orchestra for 13 years, touring the world in different countries such as Spain, France, the United States, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, among other destinations.

Felix has worked with Colombian artists such as Willy García, Javier Vázquez, Jhon Lozano, Carlos Brito, Moncho Santana, Kike Harvey, The Supreme Court and the Guayacan Orquesta just to name a few.

He has also been part of the orchestras of great international artists such as Rey Ruiz, Luigi Texidor, Mickey Taveras, Cheo Andujar, Conjunto Chaney, Sammy Marrero, Rafu Warner, Yennisel Valdez, Papo Sánchez, Roberto Roena, Roberto Lugo, Nino Segarra, Pupy Santiago, Amílcar Boscán, Tirso Duarte, Ray de la Paz, Rubén Sierra, Wichy Camacho, Alex de Castro, Miles Peña, Maelo Ruiz, Pedro Conga and Luisito Carrion.

He moved to the city of Houston, Texas in 2020, where he continues to develop his musical career by conducting orchestras for artists who come to the US to tour different American cities. He also began his personal musical project as a singer and percussionist by launching a recording studio called MJ Studio, and has already released his first single entitled ESPERA UN MOMENTO.