Erik Piza

Erik Piza


It all started as a kid, growing up in North Jersey, Erik had a passion for music with the influence of his father, who bought Erik a set of bongos at the age of 4. His first act was playing at his church and for his friends.

Later in his teens, Erik started collaborating with other young musicians from high school, who had the same passion for music and performing arts. There, he joined a band of local young guys that played Salsa music and performed locally and throughout the tristate area. From there, his musical talent grew and Erik was quickly noticed by professional musicians. They began to take him under their wings and show him the ropes.

Time passed, and things got very interesting for him when Erik was offered to travel and perform with a professional band. It was a breakthrough being so young. Even though he was young (accompanied by an adult to perform), he could perform at clubs and dance halls throughout New Jersey and New York City.

Erik was determined to perform with all his musical influences after gaining experience, things went to the next level, Erik began to perform with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

One day the phone rang, he got a call to perform with Jose Alberto "El Canario" through a recommendation of a friend. For 6 years he traveled the world playing for "El Canario"

After that he had the opportunity to perform with the great Yankee Legend Bernie Williams in his all-star band. He has been a member of that band for eight years now.

Erik has also dedicated his life to professional audio recording engineering. He has recorded for top Latin artists in the world and received a Grammy nomination. Erik's musical influences are very wide within different genres of music. He is also one of the most sought out Latin percussionist in New York City because of his versatility and ability to adapt to all styles. One of Erik's favorite quotes is: "Music is not only a way of expression, it is also a way of life."