Darren Evans

Darren Evans

Darren Evans, JATT

Born July 16, 1967, in Sydney, Australia, Darren Evans first started playing drums and percussion at the age of twelve in his school band. Soon after, he began studying drumming and percussion with Harold Ripper in Melbourne. Later, he discovered the professional world of music by forming bands and playing at clubs throughout Melbourne.

In 2000, Darren joined Tom Misner (the owner of the School of Audio Engineering and 301 Studios) for recording sessions at 301 Studios along with live performances at various venues throughout NSW and Queensland, Australia. Darren also partnered with Murray Burns (Mi-Sex) creating session soundtracks for various television commercials and documentaries for companies such as Sun Herald and Queensland University.

Evans has worked with Pete Murray and Jeff Martin of The Tea Party. His playing can also be heard on numerous recordings including Thousand Needles in Red and Jeff Martin 777. His live performance credits include Brian Cadd, Irwin Thomas (Jack Jones), Jeff Martin and Mi-Sex, The 9th Annual Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love Australian National Tour, to name a few.

Believing that music is a percussive based journey, Darren recently founded JATT and with the help of some amazing, and influential people, he’s been able to bring the music of JATT to life.