Danny Vargas

Danny Vargas

Danny Vargas, Independent

Danny hails from a family of talented musicians that played a very important and influential role in his musical development. That development took a serious or formal turn when at the age of seven (7) Danny began trumpet and percussion lessons with his grandfather Gilberto " Castillita" Castilla who was the lead singer and director of the Emizora Atl√°ntico Jazz Band de Colombia. The band was a family affair as his great uncle Antonio Maria Penaloza also played. Penaloza was known for the composition and arrangement of "Te Olvide" recognized as the anthem of the Colombian festivals of Barranquilla, and Castillita was known as a top vocalist with over 50 lead singing recordings, many which were hits in the 40's through the 60"s.

Danny'ís mother, composer/singer Diana Castilla, moved the family to Miami, Florida when he was just 11 years old. That's when Danny started to take an elevated interest in percussion. He was surrounded by an abundance of great local musicians that he would spend time during his mother's gigs and rehearsals, picking up tips from percussion greats such as Sammy "Timbalon" Pagan, Richard Bravo, Edwin Bonilla, Jesus "Gumby" Nevado, Orlando Contreras Jr, and many more.

By the time Danny was seventeen he performed with many local artists and, in 1998, met the virtuoso Tomas " Tomasito" Cruz where they worked together in The Eco Band. Tomasito took Danny under his tutelage, formalizing the master percussion classes that improved his style of playing.

Over the past four decades Danny has performed and accompanied many of the Salsa genre top artists such as Jerry Rivera, Puerto Rican Power (Luisito Ayala), Luisito Carrión, Huey Dunbar, Orquesta La Tremenda, Pablo Perez Project, José Alberto El Canario, Ismael Miranda, Ismael Rivera JR., Orquesta La Romana, Tito Puente Jr., Marlon Rosado, Colombian All Stars, Wichy Camacho, Franky Vásquez, Héctor Tricoche, Giro, Edgar Joel, Anthony Colon, Roberto Blades, Hildemaro, Tony Vega, Johnny Rivera, Paquito Guzmán, Rey De La Paz, David Pabón, Héctor Rey, Lefty Perez, Franky Ruiz Jr., Marlon Fernández, Ángel Ríos, Jon Lozano (Guayacán), Willy Torres, Franky Negrón, Rey Ruiz, Israel Holton, Tonex, Byron Cage, Jennifer Holliday, Jennifer Hudson, Darwin Hobbs, Cano Estremera, Luisito Rosario, Willie González, Charlie Cruz, Michael Stuart, Gilberto "EL PULPO" Colon, Frankie Morales, Menique, Ley Alejandro, Alci Acosta, Maelo Ruiz, Willy González, Willy Rivera, Chuchito Valdez Jr., Estrellas De Niche, Sonora Dinamita, Chichi Peralta, Eddie Santiago, Miami Dan Den, Tito Rojas, Rap Artist Bobby Valentino, and Newbirth Latino. Daniel settled into the Washington, D.C. area in 2007 and currently working independently throughout the east coast.