Arturo Sergio Solis

Arturo Sergio Solis

Grupo Zamorales

Arturo Sergio Solis was raised in Laredo, TX. He'ís been in the music scene since he was 11 years old and began playing the congas when he was 14. He has used Toca drums ever since.

Arturo has worked with great Tejano/Norteno bands and tours all over the US and Mexico. Some bands include: Grupo Masizzo, Latin Grammy Winner - Michael Salgado, and the King of Tejano Music -Emilio Navaira.

Three years ago, Arturo joined Grupo Zamorales, founded by Latin Grammy nominees Jose Zamora and Efrain Morales. They have recently released a new album and the group has been nominated for Best Norteno Album of the Year at the 2016 Tejano Music Awards.

Arturo currently resides in San Antonio, TX.