Alexis Marcos

Alexis Marcos

César Vega

Alexis Marcos was born in Lima, Peru. He started playing music at the age of 13 in the Scout Boys orchestra, followed by theYoung Sensation. These early influences are still with as he integrates La Cr√≠tica, El √Årabe de la Salsa and Solution de Callao in his music to this day. With the support of his father, an accomplished timbalero, he realized that his calling was the timbale. Finding his passion, he dedicated himself to to studying percussion. The ever changing styles of music forced his to adapt, resulting in him honing his abilities. 

He has travelled extensively. To the United States with Willy Rivera. To Italy and Spain with Grupo Am√©rica orchestra. And with the great Camaguey Orchestra he travelled again to the United States as well as Argentina and Chile. He currently plays and tours with C√©sar Vega and had the opportunity to tour Europe once more, bringing the joy of music to appreciative audiences in France, Italy, Spain. After which they headed to Chile and Argentina.

Some of the many artists he has played with include Gabino Pampini, Roberto Blades, Cano Estremera, Edgar Joel, Jhony Rivera, DLG, Ray Sep√∫lveda, Wilson Manyoma, Willy Gonzales, Los Adolescentes, Tony Vega, Charlie Aponte and Tito Nieves.

Anytime he goes on stage he is thrilled to show all the passion and love he has for music and share it with the audience.



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