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Model: TF2T-*


Perfect for classrooms, therapy, drum circles and players of all ages! Made from reinforced composite material for added durability, these drums have 8" tall PVC shells with 10" synthetic heads, and protective rubber, non-slip bottoms. These Tom Toms are always tuned, easy to clean, weather-proof, and maintenance free! Includes matching mallets. Available in Kente (K) cloth, Woodstock Purple (WP) cloth, Blue (B), Green (G), Lizard (LZ), Purple (P) and Red (R) finishes.

8” tall PVC shells
10” Synthetic Heads
Rubber, Non-Slip Bottoms
Weather Proof
Maintenance Free
Matching Mallets
Available in Kente (K), Woodstock Purple (WP) Blue (B), Green (G), Lizard (LZ), Purple (P) and Red (R) finishes.