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Our Sympatico System Nesting Djembes come standard with Sympatico™ System Pretuned Fiber Heads. At much less than half the weight of traditional hand percussion drums. The Sympatico System of tunable and pretuned, interchangeable drums and heads will change how lightweight drums are perceived. By design, lightweight drums must be portable, durable and, well, light, easy to carry and transport. Unfortunately, the most common way to achieve this desired outcome is to eliminate bulky and heavy tuning mechanisms. In their place is a pre-tuned head. It does the job, it is definitely light, and durable, but the sound is what you get. What if you didn’t have to choose between tunable, but heavy, drums and light, but un-tunable, drums? The Sympatico System solves this issue with its innovative, and proprietary, internal tuning design. It’s significantly lighter than traditional tuning systems, and easy to use, and there’s no extra bulky, heavy, hardware attached to the side of the drum to get in your way. In fact, it’s hidden inside! And the heads are designed to simply integrate with Toca’s existing line of Freestyle II Nesting Drums.
The drums are also stack-able - making them ideal for storage and travel! Available in Woodstock Purple(WP) and Kente (K) finishes. Drum sizes of 8", 10", and 12" are available individually or in a set of 3. These drums are perfect for youngsters, classrooms, drum circles, music therapy sessions and more. Their durable PVC shells are not only lighter in weight than wood counterparts, but are easier to clean, and project crisp high and deep low tones.
Note: These Sympatico Djembes come equipped with Pretuned Fiber heads. We believe that these heads will give you a fantastic sound right out of the box. If you would prefer our Sympatico System Djembes that come with Tunable Fiber Heads, click here.

Sympatico™ System Pretuned Fiber Heads
Lightweight & Durable PVC Body
Less than half the weight of traditional hand percussion drums
Sympatico heads designed to integrate with our existing line of Freestyle II Drums
Stack-able - ideal for storage and travel
Easy to clean
Heads can be removed and played like hand drums
Sizes: 8”, 10”, 12”
Woodstock Purple and Kente Finishes