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Toca Black Mamba Mechanically Tuned 10” Djembe SFDMX-10BM. 10? Head, 20? Tall. Low bass tones and highs that cut. Key-tuning system. Shells are made of a lightweight, seamless, durable synthetic material. Authentic black-dyed goatskin head. Protective rubber bottom and tips on the tuning lugs. The Toca Mechanically Tuned Djembe has a lightweight and durable seamless synthetic shell that sounds great and travels well. The djembe’s low mass tuning system allows fast, accurate tuning that stays in place. Protective rubber bottom and tips on tuning lugs protect your floor’s finish. The drum’s black finish with black hardware gives a striking look to go with its dynamic sounds, including an authentic goatskin head finished in black dye.

  • Lightweight and durable seamless synthetic shell
  • Ideal for drum circles, facilitators, teachers and all levels of players
  • Excellent bass tones and highs
  • Equipped with low mass tuning system
  • Features new extended collar hoop for greater tuning range
  • Protective rubber tips on tuning lugs
  • Hand selected goatskin head for authentic look & sound
  • Protective rubber/non-slip bottom
  • Black finish - 14” head 26”” tall
  • Patented