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Model: 4611*


Bathed in a clear coat and hand polished to a glisten, the generous array of silver sparkles floating in an opulent black background explodes under stage lights like a multicolored constellation in the night sky, creating a three-dimensional illusion that looks as if you could almost reach directly into the shell. From gig to gig, show to show, these are the hardest-working drums out there. These drums have 30” Tall Asian Oak shells with a beautiful, high gloss, Black Sparkle finish. The Afro-Cuban shell shape adds volume & resonance. The congas feature durable, Chrome hardware, EasyPlay hoop, 6 lugs and matched, top grade natural bison heads. Quinto, Conga and Tumba Sizes Available. Matching Bongos are also available.

  • 30” Tall Asian Oak Shells
  • Beautiful, High Gloss, Black Sparkle Finish
  • Afro-Cuban Shell Shape Adds Volume & Resonance
  • Durable, Chrome Hardware
  • EasyPlay Hoop
  • 6 Lugs
  • Matched, Top Grade Natural Bison Heads
  • Quinto, Conga and Tumba Available