Nina Rodriguez
Nina Rodriguez
Nina Rodgriguez

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Nina Rodriguez is a nationally celebrated, Grammy-winning percussionist, musical performer, clinician and educator. Her extraordinary energy and dedication to the power of music, drumming and performance has shaped her career as a lead Facilitator with Drum Cafe and a celebrated independent musician.

Through Drum Café, Nina has inspired thousands of Fortune 1,000 employees from all sectors of Healthcare to Banking, Technology and more, including those from Microsoft, Levis, Gap, Universal Music Group, NBC, Google, Amazon and scores of school districts throughout the US. She is an endorsed artist for Toca Percussion, Vic Firth and Gibralter.

Nina uses Toca Freestyle Djembes, Djun Djuns, Timbales, Congas, Cajon and a variety of hand percussion. The authenticity, tone, pitch and extreme attention to detail make these products kick! Her interactive audiences love the Toca Freestyle Djembes. Their unique colorful designs, along with their lightweight and durable construction, make them a perfect fit for her drumming participants.