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At age 11, when most kids were listening to the Strawberry Alarm Clock and the Grass Roots, Lucky Lehrer was studying Rumba, Cha-Cha and other Latin rhythms. “My drum teacher played at a hip night club on the Sunset Strip,” Lucky remembers. “He showed me the basics, along with the Bosa Nova and Mambo, and I didn't look back.” Lucky imported those grooves to re-define hard core drumming in such legendary bands as The Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, The Darby Crash Band and L.A.’s Wasted Youth. “Listen to any style of music I play or have recorded and you’ll always hear the Afro-Cuban influence.”  
Lucky is the only punk drummer to have his picture on the wall of fame at the Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood, California. He is endorsed and sponsored by the leading drum and percussion companies and has his own signature drum sticks. One of his early kits is immortalized and on display, behind glass, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.  
"You’ll find me in the front row whenever there’s the chance to see a great Latin percussionist," Lucky confides. His particular favorites are Luis Conte and Ronnie Gutierrez. Lucky’s greatest praise goes to his own "Master," veteran L.A. session drummer Joey Heredia. "Joey is the most versatile drummer I know, and has got me playing everything from Street Claves and Songos to Neo-sambas. Now he’s reinventing Flamenco Music, adding a full kit including snare drum, bass drum and tom-toms."
"I love the improvisational spirit of Latin music," Lucky says. He’s proud of his collection of Latin percussion, which includes Toca bata drums, rattles and shakers, nine different cowbells, congas, cajons, bongos, timbales, cabasas and a guiro.